New York Gutter Professionals

New York Gutter Professionals

Your gutters are your house’s lifeline for proper distribution of rainwater and melted snow away from the building. Without it, more and more water will sit on your roof and seep through into the foundations and walls, making the entire home less sturdy. Many homeowners do not pay much attention to your gutters until they begin to have a problem. They simply assume gutters will always work properly. Pay special attention to catch these five warning signs:

  • Leaves or other debris jammed inside
  • Visible cracks on your gutters
  • Paint peeling around your gutters
  • Minimal or extensive water damage directly under your gutters
  • Incorrect initial gutter installation that needs to be corrected
If you’re noticing one, some, or all of these signs- don’t panic! When problems arise, it can be difficult to recognize them and know what to do next. Simply contact Thomas James Roofing and Waterproofing. today. We are New York’s experts in seamless gutters, gutter cleaning, gutter guard installation, and leaf guards.   If your house stands on foundations made out of wood, any additional water seepage will cause the wood to rot at a rapid pace. This is detrimental to your house’s integrity. Don’t risk a catastrophic water-related emergency by waiting any longer; bring in New York’s gutter experts. Call us today at 718-416-5255 to find out more about our new gutters or gutter repairs.



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